Six Thinking Hats|Lateral Thinking Testimonials

"Lynda, with Six Thinking Hats we gain results in two days, which with old methods would have taken at least a month."

-Juhani Pylkkwho, Corporate Director, ABB Finland

"Lynda and I have worked together to introduce de Bono's Six Hats, Lateral Thinking and Power of Perception to ABB (Finland & Australia). Through her coaching and guidance, she helped me to train over 300 individuals to be more creative."

-Alex D'Anci, Industry Practice Leader, Operational Excellence, ABB Finland

Lynda Curtin's International Experience Leading Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking Workshops
Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, United States. Lynda travels from Southern California.Tap Lynda's wealth of expertise filled with practical, real-world tips. She has been leading application based workshops since 1992. Read Lynda's client testimonials below.


Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking In the News

Lateral Thinking: Feb. 22, 2017 Forbes featured an article "How Lateral Thinking Can Improve Your Negotiation Techniques." The author, Mike Woitach, co-founder of Confluence Coffee describes how he used the random word technique to land a coveted Firefly event sponsorship on a limited budget and beat out the big guys! Book Lynda Curtin to power-up your negotiation skills. 

Six Thinking Hats: Fortune, April 28, 2014 featured an article describing how an IBM Fellow and chief scientist used Six Thinking Hats as a method to corral an unwieldy team of more than 200 of the brightest scientists. They were at eight different IBM labs, two government laboratories, and five university campuses. The project: Develop a chip that would mimic the human brain. Mission accomplished when the team demonstrated a brain-inspired chip architecture. Book Lynda Curtin to strengthen collaboration, communication, and creativity among your key teams.

Lynda Curtin's Client Testimonials: Six Thinking Hats|Lateral Thinking|Focus on Facilitation

"Lynda, thank you so much for the fantastic feedback and suggestions on ways to apply lateral thinking tools.  We found your coaching to be extremely helpful, and your approach was just what we needed!  It was great to meet you, and I look forward to an ongoing partnership."

-Director of Marketing, Griffith Laboratories

"Attending Lynda's executive deep dive into Lateral Thinking encouraged me to look at my retail business with fresh eyes. Having been in retail for thirty-six years and having endured the past five difficult years, I have to admit that I was close to being 'burned out'. This thought provoking experience made me re-think my commitment and jump-started me on some major changes. I thoroughly enjoyed the other participants; they were all bright, interested, supportive, and full of excellent recommendations. The three days flew by. Lynda is an excellent facilitator. She encouraged us in our lively discussions and we all left with a new way of thinking!"

--Lee Tatum, President, Women's Shoes & Accessories Retail Stores


"I attended 2 of Lynda's workshops - Six Thinking Hats and Focus on Facilitation. Lynda's deep subject knowledge, obvious expertise and ability to zero in on your specific learning needs made the workshops interesting, fun and valuable beyond belief to my professional development."

-Jeanne Urban, Disability Management Consultant, Manulife Financial


 "Executive Deep Diving with Lynda gave me new goals for 'doing my personal best.' She taught me a whole surgical kit of techniques for creatively solving problems. Whatever you think your limits are, Lynda will show you how to move way beyond them."

- Fran Kellogg Smith, Fellow, American Society of Interior Designers 


"Lynda, your Executive Deep Dive was very insightful. The de Bono tools have already been instrumental in helping me become more effective at leading teams to think more creatively; to build consensus on projects filled with diverse opinions. I'll certainly be using the materials with clients in the profit and non-profit sectors.  It's tough to keep the attention of participants for two full days. I found myself stimulated from beginning to end. Time flew by. Thank you."

-Cindy Chernow, Consultant, Chernow Consulting


"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Lynda on a wide variety of creativity and innovation projects leveraging IP developed by Dr. Edward de Bono. Lynda's middle name should be MAKE IT HAPPEN. She has a special knack for turning ideas into action."

-Natalie Jenkins, Director, OD/Innovation Guide at New & Improved, LLC


"Hi Lynda, thanks for checking in. I did have a fine meeting with the Boeing group. Several of the attendees were exceptionally famous and well-regarded in the field. I learned that it can be very difficult for a younger guy like me to facilitate a meeting which has such a broad cross section of attendees, from young guys starting out to some of the gods of the aerospace industry. That said, I did my best to use the tools and accomplish the goal of the meeting. Mission accomplished. I also used the tools extensively at a conference last week from Wednesday to Sunday. Very powerful."

-JPL/NASA Innovation Foundry de Bono Facilitator


"Lynda, on behalf of the CNO's Studies Group, thank you for meeting with us and leading our de Bono Thinking Systems power session. Your ideas and the tools you provided will be very helpful as we continue our research.

The creative process and unique personal perspectives you provided were particularly interesting and timely as we work to shape the strategic landscape today and in the future. You have had a direct impact on our viewpoints for future concepts and on the methods with which we will explore them. We appreciate your support of the SSG."

James R. Hogg, Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret) Director 


"The Focus on Facilitation training of the De Bono Thinking Systems Methods provided by Lynda was an amazing learning experience. I left the course feeling confident and empowered to use the tools immediately and facilitate great thinking meetings for my clients. I appreciated Lynda's teaching methods, pace of delivery and "learn by doing" approach, followed by authentic and supportive feedback. I highly recommend this course !"

-Diane Lloyd, Results, Inc.


"Bringing Lynda Curtin in to facilitate a Focus on Facilitation program for us was a great investment!  Personally, I am much more confident in my own facilitation skills after taking this course, and the feedback from other participants was fantastic.  Lynda is a master at using the various facilitation tools she shared with us, and provided excellent coaching to each participant throughout the program which helped us to develop our skills over the 4-day period. Everyone agreed that the program was brilliant!"

-Deb Connors, President Well-Advised Consulting, Inc.


"Lynda, thanks so much for your keynote this morning--totally enjoyed it, as I did all your sessions.  You were a great addition to the conference this year, and your material was a perfect fit with our theme--Thinking Organizations SUCCEED!.  But having great material is one thing - being able to present it with such enthusiasm is yet another.  Thank you for all the time you took to prepare for this conference - it really showed!"

-Deborah Connors, President, The Health Work & Wellness Group


"I recently attended the Health Work and Wellness Conference in Vancouver BC, and was fortunate enough hear your talk on thinking (Power-Up Your Organization's Thinking).  Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us, as they've helped me get a better grasp on how to direct my own strategic thinking."

 -Sean O'Neill, Director, Western Group Disability Operations, Manulife Financial


"Lynda, we had such a good de Bono Creativity Power Session with you.Thank you very much.  A testament to how well it went is a request by one of my colleagues to bring you back to do another session with our entire group (the ones you met, plus our younger generation junior officers). We were wondering when you could come back and do another session."

-CDR Keith H. Gordon, Technology Fellow, US Navy War College


"The results of the training are visible. We have received a large research project due in part to the creativity tools Lynda taught us."

-Alex D'Anci, Marketing Manager, ABB Finland


"By the end of this year we will have doubled our business since our creative thinking session with you, Lynda, and we are 60% of the way to the goal. It's almost time to raise the bar!"

 - Dan Weare, National Business Manager

"Lynda, as I prepared for and led my first YMCA Board strategic planning session, I heard your voice coaching me to lead a successful meeting. Four CEO's asked that I call them to discuss on-site work, and a Board member recommended me to be President next year. Thank you for all you have done to prepare me for this exciting and rewarding work."

 - Mary Kay Uhing, People Power


"Six Hats is a simple, yet powerful tool that can be learned rapidly and used immediately to achieve long-lasting results. Six Hats has helped our product development group to generate ideas quickly, evaluate them efficiently, and implement action plans effectively."

-  Laura Donahue, Nestle


"We know health care is changing. We don't have to sell the need for creativity. For us it's the implementation piece; the next step. We see the Six Thinking Hats as a method to go beyond generating ideas ...a way to help teams effectively and efficiently evaluate the merits of the ideas they learned to generate during our  One Team, One Purpose  course."

 -  Jennifer Kirby, Washoe Health Systems


"The Six Thinking Hats methodology was openly embraced by the advisors and we truly got much more robust output from the meeting than conventional advisory boards."

-  Betsey King, Professional Relations & Education Manager, AstraZeneca


"I have found that there are 3 basic pillars supporting creativity and innovation: the CPSI problem solving model, and Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking tool kits. This is where you should start. Lynda Curtin is the right person to do this training."

-  Roland Boose, Nestle USA Prepared Foods Division


"Lynda, we were inspired with our  Thinking Day  at the Granite Club during our Six Thinking Hats offsite ...We've had a very good year."

-  Laurel Ward, Managing Director, Equity Markets


"It's only been three days since Focus on Facilitation certification ended. I used the tools yesterday. I called my client, confirmed the focus, and then set up the thinking cards in a TEC model. When we held the meeting, I began by asking,  This is our focus as I understand it, do you concur?  Four of the five attendees, that is everyone but my client, said no, that wasn't what they came to discuss! Instead of panicking or sweating or getting irritated, I merely rearranged a few cards and began with a checklist of current thinking to establish what main concepts needed to be dealt with. Worked brilliantly."

-  Chuck Dymer, The Idea Loft

"Lynda, I love your writing style and reading your creativity articles. I have been sharing your creativity tips at my staff meetings."

--Orlando Delgado, Course and Grounds Supervisor, Marrakesh Country Club

Audience Comments from Lynda's Speaking Engagements|Conference Presentations|Team Retreats

"Very content rich. Very interactive, enthusiastic, and moving."

"Lynda, you did a terrific job of keeping things going and keeping on track. What a great tool for development of the ideas we have. I will be able to use this when I get back to the office. Thanks a lot!"

 "Well spoken, answered all questions; provided examples & encouraged audience to share experiences. I enjoyed this session and will be able to begin using the tools immediately. Bring Lynda back in the future."

"This was by far the best session I attended; very useful tools. Lynda, you are a non-arrogant personable speaker. You ran to give the microphone to those in need. Very proactive and helpful!"

"Are you entertaining a job with our company?"

 "Wish you were part of our team."

 "Excellent speaker (Lynda). Control and focus were exceptional."

 "You have made visible the power of the benefit of tapping the creativity & intellect of people in our organizations, Lynda. Thank you!"

"I never thought that I could push my thinking further. This is great."

"Lynda -  your presentation is superb! Your enthusiasm for your subject is contagious and makes the presentation more effective."

"Lynda, many thank yous go out to you for a wonderful presentation! (Boost Your Marketing Savvy) Your effort and time has helped this conference to shine, and without people like you the Conference would not have been possible." -  Executive Directors, the Resource Center for Nonprofit Management

A Sample of Lynda's Great Clients: Alliance Safety Council, AstraZeneca, ABB, Allied Signal, American Society for Quality (ASQ), Amgen, Baldor, Boeing, Barrick Gold North America, Caltech, CTS Tax and Business Solutions, de Bono Thinking Systems, Inc., DentSply, DuPont, Genentech, Hartford Insurance, JPL/NASA, HP, Johnson & Johnson, LACMTA, Lee Tatum Shoes, Manulife Financial, Moen, Motorola, Natura, Nestle, Porter Novelli, PrimeraTurf, Raytheon, Resources Unlimited, Results, Inc., Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Sears Canada, Stanford, Success Alliance, The Y&R, UC Irvine, World Future Society, Ottawa OD Network, The Health Work & Wellness Group, U.S. Naval War College, Vancouver Island University, Well-Advised Consulting ...
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