Power of Simplicity is Worth the Hunt

The Power of Simplicity is Worth the Hunt

John Maeda said, "Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful."

Imagine simplifying an employee 10-page dress code down to two words, "Dress appropriately." Mary Barra, GM's CEO did just that during her tenure as HR boss in 2009. Wouldn't you love working with such a clear thinking boss?

LIFT Your Thinking Tip: Share this example and quote with your group and then lead a hunt for simplicity. Include these questions in your idea screening process. Ask

Think about these questions. Keep an open mind. Embrace creativity. Look for provocations. Be ready to feel very uncomfortable. Shift your thinking from judging ideas too early--to moving your thinking forward to see what happens next in new solution territory. Be on the hunt to simplify.

LIFT Your Thinking ... until next time.

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