Good Ideas are Packed for Value: 40,000 Cupcakes as a Peace Sign

Good Idea Packed for Value: 40,000 Cupcakes as a Peace Sign

Are your ideas packed for value?

While in New York on vacation with my sister we had a wonderful experience during a walk through Central Park. We stopped to watch a group of people assemble a peace sign, on a walkway, made of 40,000 mini cupcakes! We were watching creativity in action.

Melissa, the owner of Baked by Melissa mini cupcake shops throughout Manhattan, developed this idea to celebrate the 75th birthday of John Lennon as a way to showcase her cupcake art service.

Imagine Peace Baked by Melissa Cupcakes

I like this example of creativity because the idea is packed for value.

Later during the week, we had the good fortune to come across one of these cupcake shops. In we went and purchased a box. They are delicious. The good news: you can place orders online and have them shipped; it's a great way to test for quality before making a cupcake art commission.

I wonder how many other people who have never shopped at Baked by Melissa made purchases that week or plan to in the future.

Creativity Tip: For ideas to be successful, they need to be packed for value for customers and the business. Be sure you do a final "Packed for Value Idea Screen." You'll be glad you did.

LIFT Your Thinking ... until next time.

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