Creativity Powers the Economy: Why Not Train Like a Golf Pro to Become a Creativity Pro?

Creativity Powers the Economy: Why Not Train Like a Golf Pro to Become a Creativity Pro?

IBM conducted a global CEO study in 2010. The surprise? CEOs selected creativity as the most crucial factor for future success. Finally. I can't imagine what took them so long. After all, creativity powers the economy and has done so for well over 100 years in North America.

So, why do so many executives neglect to support and to develop their employees to become the very best creative thinkers in the business? It's hard to think of any acceptable answers. I can't think of any. Can you?

Let's look at the game of golf. Many executives play great games of golf. They love the game. They train, practice, get coached, make adjustments, buy equipment, read golf magazines, watch golf tournaments, play in golf tournaments, read golf books, take golf holidays, and measure their performance with the handicap system. Why not treat creative thinking skill development with the same intensity? Imagine what would happen with business results when the team is equipped to tackle business-critical challenges with robust creative thinking skills.

My golf instructors are great. Each formal lesson has focused on developing my golf swing with my driver. One lesson wouldn't do it. Each lesson has built on my previous lessons. Each lesson takes into consideration my current situation with my swing. During each lesson, I learn something new. And, each time, it's a tip or strategy that I am finally ready to learn.

I also attend their golf clinics: driving, pitching, putting, chipping, sand traps, irons. I wouldn't dream of skipping the golf swing clinic. Even though I've attended formal golf swing lessons, I know I'll pick up a new tip at the clinic that'll help me further improve my swing.

My confidence and my skill are improving. If I'd just read the book on golf swings and taken one lesson, my game would be terrible. I would likely have quit. I'm determined to get better. So, I play, get coaching, take lessons, experience frustration, and best of all--exhilaration when it all clicks. I've shot two hole-in-ones! I realize there's a lot of luck involved in shooting a hole-in-one, but, the experience is just like the big AHA moment when an idea finally clicks.

The key to developing creative thinkers? Ask yourself, how would a golf pro go about developing my group of professionals to become the finest creative thinkers in the business? Make the list. Make the plan. Do it. Who is your creativity coach?

 LIFT Your Thinking ...until next time.

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