Think About Your Notice Skills

I had the good fortune to kick-start the year by walking the beach in Santa Barbara, California. The day was just perfect. Clear blue sky, smell the sea, people out and about enjoying the artisan sale and show along the boardwalk.

To enjoy the feeling of light waves lapping at my feet, I stopped to watch a group of 20 teenage boys running on the beach--terrific energy. It looked like they were in training for a sporting event. One noticed the tide had left behind a small fish stuck in the sand. He quickly left the group, ran over to the fish, picked it up, and threw it back out to sea. He rejoined the group without missing a beat.

Lovely to be a silent observer at that moment--made me smile. It also caused me to spend time thinking about what I'm missing. What's happening around me that I'm failing to notice? How in-tune am I? I don't want to be stagnant. Creative people are very skilled at noticing things. I have work to do. How about you? What are you noticing? How are your notice skills?

LIFT Your Thinking ...until next time.

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