Seven Tips to Lead Super Idea Generating Meetings Over the Phone on a Conference Call

green-hatThere's something very liberating about attending an idea generating meeting with no one in the room but yourself! I cleared my desk, made space to capture my ideas on big green notes, tilted back in my chair and relaxed. I was ready to attend the two hour meeting. 

Four people attended. Our meeting leader started off by laying out four different focus statements and confirmed we were all on track.

We were given individual thinking time to think of our ideas (about two minutes for each round of ideas). Our leader then had us give our ideas round robin style until we were each out of ideas. Lots of idea building took place. We had some questions for information that sparked additional ideas. Our leader ensured each of us was out of ideas before moving on to the next focus statement. Two hours flew by. It was great.

Here's why I think this meeting was successful: 

  1. The meeting was recorded for future reference. Often, ideas get overlooked. 
  2. A note taker was listening in. Her role was to document the ideas after the meeting.
  3. The meeting leader was a trained Focus on Facilitation, Facilitator. Each of the attendees were trained Six Hats thinkers. This made participating in this meeting easy because each person understood the tools and the process. We could all relax and participate in the moment. No hurry. No worry. Listen. Think. Share.
  4. Our only activity in the meeting was to generate green hat ideas. Everyone doesn't always need to be involved in idea sorting.  
  5. The assigned note taker had the role to create an idea report and feed it back to us.
  6. Once we received the idea report our individual task was to digest the ideas and apply the red hat gut instinct question to help select ideas to explore further; send our red hat picks to the note taker.
  7. Blue Hat next step was selecting the ideas to explore and develop within workable constraints. Too often constraints are laid out in the beginning and this causes ideas to be mentally screened out before anyone knows how workable they may be. Lots of value and potential is lost.      

One important key to success is to have a creativity process along with tools that support each step in the process. It's always a bonus when the group you're working with all know the process and the tools. This saves so much time. Who couldn't use some time to work on what's really important these days?  


How is your creativity process working for you? Do you have a creativity process and tools to support each step?


LIFT Your Thinking ... until next time.

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