Mumbo-Jumbo Could Be Killing Your Good Ideas

Mumbo-Jumbo Could be Killing Your Good Ideas

Is Mumbo-Jumbo Killing Your Good Ideas?

I received an email marketing piece inviting me to a seminar on "How-to Survive" in a Market Downturn. I deleted it immediately. My intention is to THRIVE, not just to s u r v i v e. I hope yours is too. The use of the word "survive" sunk the seminar for me.

This incident got me to thinking about the choice of words selected to communicate new ideas and the impact they can have on success.

Here are two more examples that happened to me the same day:

1. I'm learning to play golf. Sports of any kind don't come easily to me. I just discovered from another golfer the markings on my club heads are there to help me align the sweet spot on my club heads with the golf ball. I thought the marks were design elements. So, I went to the website of the maker of my clubs to find out what else I should know that would be helpful to me. Technical golf-speak and lots of acronyms filled their descriptions describing all the apparently great innovations their clubs offer. No help to me. Therefore, no sale. Just golf mumbo-jumbo.

Why do companies spend so much money on launching new products and services, and then neglect one of the most important steps in the whole innovation process - communicating the innovation in a clear, compelling, and easy to understand way?

2. Consider the difference. A Tide commercial caught my attention which amazed me. My approach to buying cleaning products is to keep my life simple and to save time by buying the brands I always buy.

Why did Tide catch my attention? The commercial communicated a compelling easy to understand message about innovation. It simply explained and demonstrated solving a problem that bugs me; having the colors of my clothes fade from washing.  Tide showed their new version retaining the color of clothes for 30 washes. I will likely buy it the next time I am shopping.

I share these observations with you because I know many ideas can easily be made more successful by running the descriptions and words through a mumbo-jumbo screen. It's such a shame to see valuable ideas languish or fail because of all the mumbo-jumbo. Add a mumbo-jumbo screen step to your final idea launch process. You'll be glad you did.


LIFT Your Thinking ...until next time.


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