Valentino's Secret Weapon: Leveraging Powerful Concepts

Valentino's Secret Weapon: Leveraging the Power of Concepts for Long-Term Success

Are You Leveraging the Power of New Concepts to Strengthen Your Business?

Imagine lasting 45 years in your business. What would it take? How would you adjust to dramatically changing business needs? Could you create a loyal following of dedicated customers that span generations?

Seventy-five-year-old Italian fashion designer Valentino is joyfully celebrating 45 years of success in a cut-throat business - haute couture - high fashion. New fashions are designed and commercialized every season. There is no revenue if there is no commercialized collection. Customers won't buy last season's fashions, or last year's. In fact, during the presentation of each new collection the press, fashion editors, and fashionistas are quick to comment on its merits - making or breaking the revenue stream. Knock-offs are often just a day or two away.

I share this with you because I love fashion and believe we can learn many innovation lessons from successful designers. One important aspect of being innovative is the hunt for powerful new concepts to apply in your business. As I look at Valentino's accomplishments, a few powerful concepts surface that have worked very well for him. I don't know if he deliberately chose to develop his business using these concepts. But, they are there in wide use.

Here are five of Valentino's powerful business concepts:

1.Ways to make fashions memorable.

2.Ways to make fashions timeless.

3.Ways to instill loyalty with clients through their generations.

4.Ways to create the illusion of luxury.

5.Ways to create vintage appeal 25 years in the future.

Creativity Tip: Think about your business: your products and services. When you have time, select a creative challenge. What new ideas can think of using these concepts--memorable, timeless, loyalty through the generations, the illusion of luxury, and vintage appeal? What new ideas will surface for your business? Be rigorous with your search for new concepts; they set the stage for productive, creative thinking.

Wouldn't it be nice in today's time-pressed world if all of a sudden timeless became the new vogue.

LIFT Your Thinking ...until next time.

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