No More Excuses: Ten Reasons People Fail

Conference Musings: From Passion to Prosperity: How to build your business, sell your ideas and change the world...

I believe innovation is a people process; that it requires individual leadership. This professional development conference, sponsored by the Los Angeles chapter of the National Speakers Association, reinforced my belief, fed my mind and left me with lots to think about. Below is one idea that captured my attention.

NO MORE EXCUSES™. Sam Silverstein, our luncheon speaker, trademarked this phrase. It's his innovation. I share this with you because I think the phrase "No more excuses" partly answers the question - why is it hard for some executives to foster a culture of innovation. Too many people are failing. Leadership is weak.

Here is Sam's list:

Ten Reasons People Fail
1. Make and accept excuses.
2. No space to try new things and grow.
3. Surrounded with weak people.
4. Abdication of responsibility.
5. Don't think strategically.
6. Low expectations.
7. Ego or emotion.
8. Impatience.
9. Stupidity.
10. Fear.

Future Forward: Companies are not innovative. People are. People make a company innovative, or not. Think about the items on this list and how they could be impacting your ability to bring valuable innovations to life. What are you going to do about that?

LIFT Your Thinking ...until next time.

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