Death by the Vicious Cycle of Ineffective Meetings ... Is it Your Choice?

Torrey Pines is a beautiful resort with a magnificent golf course overlooking the Pacific Ocean, just north of San Diego. Good fortune had me enjoying lunch on the outdoor patio with my sister. The course was getting ready for a PGA Tour tournament. Golfers were practicing putting.

It struck me how good golfers and professional golfers never stop learning and practicing. They follow a process. They invest in the best equipment. They have coaches. They work hard at not doing the same ineffective shot over and over. It's their job. Their livelihood depends on their skill. Golfing is serious business.

I wonder, why do so many executives and business professionals take a different approach with their livelihood? Why do they continue to invest in, and attend, time-wasting meetings over, and over, and over again? It's perplexing. It doesn't make any sense. Can you make any sense out of this behavior?

Forget death by PowerPoint. It's death by the vicious cycle of ineffective meetings, by choice.

LIFT Your Thinking ... until next time.

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