"Lynda, we had such a good de Bono Creativity Power Session with you.  Thank you very much.  A testament to how well it went is a request by one of my colleagues to bring you back to do another session with our entire group. We were wondering when you could come back and do another session."

-CDR Keith H. Gordon, Technology Fellow,
US Navy War College

Speaking: Lynda Curtin is an engaging, high-content speaker who will energize your group with proven, practical tools and techniques to boost their creative thinking performance on the job; a business necessity

Executive Retreats and Off-Site Events: Lynda Curtin specializes in developing relevant power-sessions for your group of professionals who need to work on a business-critical challenge during your event. 

Power-Session Meeting Facilitation: Lynda Curtin specializes in facilitating hands-on business-critical meetings. Contact Lynda to discuss your business challenge and how she might be able to help you.

Conference Event Planners--Pre or Post Conference Workshops: Offer your conference delegates a value added option--world-class talent development workshops focused on strengthening their collaboration, communication, and creative thinking skills with Six Thinking Hats or Lateral Thinking tools. Time tested. Proven. Practical. 

Work with Lynda Curtin to strengthen your next event.

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Lynda Curtin travels from Southern California.

 "Executive Deep Diving with Lynda gave me new goals for 'doing my personal best'. She taught me a whole surgical kit of techniques for creatively solving problems. Whatever you thought your limits were, Lynda will show you how to move beyond them."

-Fran Kellogg Smith, Fellow, American Society of Interior Designers